Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your agency provide?

OCS provides a full range of services, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and School Psychology services. We can provide all evaluative and IEP related services to students of all ages and developmental levels.

Do the professionals have experience working with children?

OCS specializes in pediatrics, serving school age children ages 3-21. In addition, OCS has a sister corporation, Sunny Days, which specializes in Early Intervention, birth to age three. We specialize in recruiting pediatric therapists, many of whom have experience in school settings. OCS also works with districts to ensure therapists receive orientation to providing educationally relevant IEP services. The therapists who work with OCS all have one thing in common — serving children and families.

How can the district be assured that your agency will present qualified professionals?

OCS personally interviews each candidate and retains copies of all necessary credentials, including licences, child abuse clearances, criminal record clearances, professional liability insurance, and references. Any of the above documentation can be presented at the district’s request. In addition, any candidate can be presented to the district for an interview to ensure you can select the candidate who best meets the district’s needs.

Isn’t contracting with a private agency expensive and difficult for school districts to afford?

No. In fact, contracting out for services with a private agency will most likely save your district money. When you contract services, you save money in recruting costs, employer taxes, fringe benefits, healthcare and liability insurance costs. Many districts are still purchasing therapy services from the local I.U.’s whose costs remain high and not competitive with private contracting agencies.

Where are services provided?

Services are provided to accommodate specific requests. Oxford Consulting provides community based services in the child’s home, preschool, school, daycare or other locations as requested.

What kind of documentation do the therapists provide?

OCS works with districts to accommodate their needs and requirements. Most districts have standards established for documentation and we feel it’s best for the therapists to be oriented to the individual district and their procedures. If a district does not have established procedures and forms for documentation, we will gladly provide them.

Still unsure? No problem.