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Virtual intervention with Oxford Consulting

Oxford Consulting is a pioneer in the areas of autism and school-based services. Forging down the path of evolutionary and revolutionary advancement, we are now able to offer an innovative method of service delivery: virtual intervention. Our virtual intervention therapy services, also known as teleintervention, are conducted online through video and audio communication tools. Computers with telecommunication (video chat) capabilities are needed to perform virtual therapy.

Your Virtual Therapist

Choosing virtual intervention opens many doors for you to make additional choices and decisions for a child’s therapy. By choosing teleintervention, you have the ability to retain services from a therapist who specializes in a child’s developmental delay or area of concern. Oxford Consulting provides the same expert services online as we do in our face-to-face intervention sessions.

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Virtual Therapy: From Out-of-Reach to In-Your-Home or School

Many areas have shortages of specialists, particularly pediatric specialists, and teleintervention brings these sought-after specialists into your home or school. Just the same, many families live in remote areas where therapy is next to impossible to obtain, while other families are at the mercy of the climate in which they live. Virtual therapists offer more consistency as travel is not required. Snow days don’t exist in online intervention nor does tardiness due to traffic jams. If you worry about exposing your child to others due to medical issues and/or concern of the spread of infection, virtual therapy may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Virtual therapy breaks boundaries and even time zones. Your child can now receive the proper therapeutic attention he or she needs and you can rest assured knowing you are offering them the best chance to live a happy, productive life.

Embracing the Family in Autism Therapy

Oxford Consulting strongly believes in fostering the family’s ability to promote their child’s development. Virtual therapy requires a high level of involvement from parents and, in turn, teaches parents how to carryover strategies outside of sessions—an approach that is imperative to a child’s developmental progress. Our BCBA professionals can easily observe other professionals and team members working in your home with your child and provide support and strategies for moving your behavior plan to the next level.

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